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Innovative Global Solutions for test and measurement

Founded in 1995 as a business house in the field of testing & measurement equipment, Shylendra Electronics has established a successful enterprise providing comprehensive solutions for designing, manufacturing, supplying, installing, and commissioning electronic applications. Our company was established by professionals with vast experience in manufacturing and project management. SHYLENDRA ELECTRONICS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified business house providing application-based solutions for testing & measuring equipment.

01 Two decades company

A leading Test & Measuring instruments company in India from 25+ years .

02 Distributors for ISA make test instruments

We are also proud to be associated with Klauke-Germany for precision climping pliers & cutters.

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Inverters for Railway applications

SHYLENDRA ELECTRONICS has designed, manufactured, supplied, installed and commissioned more than 100 number of inverters for Railway applications. These inverters were integrated with “COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT” supplied by Motwane in Western Railways. Proud to be associated with major metro projects, refineries, steel & cement plants & other industries.

Test & Measuring instruments

SHYLENDRA ELECTRONICS has wide experience in providing solutions in Test & Measuring instruments for substation, power generating plants, manufacturing sector. Application based solutions are designed and implemented keeping in view functional requirement of customers. The Company specializes in setting up of Electrical / Electronics test laboratories, repair workshops.

Electrical/ Electronic Work Benches

SHYLENDRA ELECTRONICS has been providing services in design, manufacture, supply and erection of Electrical/ Electronic Work Benches for laboratories. The company has supplied and commissioned a lab at LPG bottling plant. In this project, various gas analytical test equipment was imported and commissioned.

Industrial Solutions

Innovative Global Solutions for test and measurement

Our Industrial Solutions

Power Sector



Petroleum Industry

Plant Maintenance

Shylendra Electronics provides One-Stop solutions to all sectors in Test & Measurement

Our Expertise

Our Products

Power quality Analyser

Power quality analyzer CA 8345

  • Full compliance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Ed 3, with 4 voltage and 4 current input.
  • Voltage ranges up to 1000V AC/DC.
  • Current measurement will be more than 5000A using clamp.
  • Transient, recording, alarm, true inrush and complete power analysis.
  • Electrical network monitoring with setting of alarms
Thermal Imaging camera

Thermal Imager CA 1950

  • thermal audits fault detection: thermal bridges, seepage, presence of humidity electrical maintenance: detection of faulty contacts, unbalance, etc. mechanical maintenance: detection of wear points, motor overheating, lubrication problems, etc.
  • display on a wide 2.8-inch screen with automatic brightness adjustment the field of view (38°x28°) is focus-free, which means that the image remains sharp whatever the distance

3rd Rail Voltage Detector

  • Nominal voltage range of 1100V AC / 1500V DC with automatic voltage detection.
  • Surge voltage strength of >18KV
  • LED indication colour coded. Magnet for secure contact
Relay testing kit

Relay Test kit DRTS64

  • 6 Current and 4 Voltage generators plus 1 battery simulator outputs
  • Current outputs: 6 x 32 A, 3 x 64 A, 1 x 128 A
  • Voltage outputs: 4 x 300 V at 100 VA.
  • Testing all relay technologies: electromechanical, solid state, numerical and IEC61850.
  • Internal GPS and IRIG-B interface for end-to-end tests
  • Complete library of relays from the major manufacturers
Oil BDV kit

Oil BDV test kit

  • Fully automatic microprocessor based Oil BDV kit.
  • Output voltage of 100kV, with user variable voltage rise rate.
  • Preprogramed international test standards and with customized test sequences.
  • In built thermal printer facility
Oil BDV kit

MULTITESTER (Machine & Electrical tester)

  • 2-wire/4-wire continuity, 0.1 A, 0.2 A, 10 A; voltage drop ∆U, 25 A.
  • 5 kV Dielectric test, Insulation resistance of 50 GΩ, continuity 25 A.
  • Testing of RCD types A, AC, B, B+, F and EV.
  • Customizable automatic test sequencewith Automatic printing of Pass/Fail sticker .
  • 1 USB-B port and 2 USB-A ports, Wifi communication, Storage of up to 100,000 tests.


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