Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance

Maintenance of electrical systems at production and power plants is the prime concern for any industry in order to sustain the safety of premises & workforce, also to keep machines in check for elimination of errors or disruption causing factors. The main goal of Plant Maintenance is to achieve a smooth workflow at the plant. Procedures include routine inspections, equipment adjustments, repairs, and monitoring of general systems.


We provide the best equipment for plant maintenance for safeguarding your industry from electrical design faults, and system failures, and keep all the important assets protected at all times.

Installation Tester

Installation Tester

  • Earth measurement by stake and loop methods
  • Insulation testing. Continuity measurement at 0.2A
  • RCD testing: current and trip time
  • Automatic test sequences. ANDROID application for report generation
Voltage Absence tester

Voltage Absence tester

  • Essential tool for electricians to check that no voltage is present before working on any electrical installation connected to the network.
  • Compliant with IEC 61243-3, it can be used to work on any 1,000 V CAT IV, indoors or outdoors.
  • The comprehensive Autotest checks the electrical circuits, the power supply, the displays and the condition of the measurement leads.
  • Stray voltage detection
High current

High current/Leakage current clamp meter

  • Current: 30 μA to 100 A AC. 10,000-count backlit display
  • 50/60 Hz anti-harmonic filter
  • Current: 2,000 A AC/ 3,000 ADC. AC and DC voltage up to 1,000 V.
  • TrueInrush current measurement. 2 in 1 clamp meter + Digital Multimeter
  • Data recording
IR Thermometers

IR Thermometers

  • Wide dynamic range for measurement: -35 ℃ to +450 ℃
  • Configurable high and low alarms. IP65 ingress protection
  • Excellent metrological performance
  • Dual LASER sight for precise targeting of the test area
Oil BDV kit

MULTITESTER (Machine & Electrical tester)

  • 2-wire/4-wire continuity, 0.1 A, 0.2 A, 10 A; voltage drop ∆U, 25 A.
  • 5 kV Dielectric test, Insulation resistance of 50 GΩ, continuity 25 A.
  • Testing of RCD types A, AC, B, B+, F and EV.
  • Customizable automatic test sequencewith Automatic printing of Pass/Fail sticker .
  • 1 USB-B port and 2 USB-A ports, Wifi communication, Storage of up to 100,000 tests.